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About the Movement

by Pastor Rico

Satan was seeking by this means to oppose and destroy the work of God. The people had been greatly stirred by the Advent movement. Thousands of sinners had been converted, and faithful men were giving themselves to the work of proclaiming the truth, even in the tarrying time. The prince of evil was losing his subjects; and in order to bring reproach upon the cause of God, he sought to deceive some who professed the faith, and to drive them to extremes.Ellen G. White {GC88 395.1}

When you read a quote like this one things really sticks out. Seventh – day Adventists are not just a worldwide church we are a worldwide movement. We are those that God has called to prepare the way of the Lord for his soon return. When you think about it, who where the ones that started this Advent movement? Were they not young? James White, Ellen White and John N. Andrews, were they not young people? Yes they were and it’s amazing to know that also throughout the bible God has always called young people to do His work. God has always called young people to stand up and fight for His cause in troubling times. Like David, Daniel, Mary the mother of Jesus and like John the Baptist. These were crucial times in the history of our salvation and it’s interesting to me the young people were always involved. Could it be that God loves to involve young people? Of course! Where are those young people that are going to stand up and fight for God’s cause in these last days? Where are those young people that are going to prepare the way of the Lord? God is calling every young person of all ages of different cultural backgrounds, male and female to stand up and join the Army of God. And that may very well be you! In God’s army everyone has a sword. What is the God’s sword? His Word! The bible say’s in Ephesians 6:17 “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God

To be part of this Movement we need to grab the sword which is His Word. The young people that started this movement knew the Word and also preached it. Today God is calling you! Go grab your sword and preach!